Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well after a few months of not posting anything I am back. Sorry for the siesta.
Updates are:
We had a great Easter. We went to St. Louis to visit Jim's parents and family. It is always great to see everyone and the kids love seeing their cousins. Jim's brother John and his wife Becky are expecting another baby. We are sure excited about that. We are traveling to New York in June for my sister Robin's wedding. We are really excited and plan on going early to see the sights of New York.
Catherine ended her basketball season and softball is starting. She has missed several practices to rain and our snow which is unusual for this time of year. Although this is her first time playing softball, she is really looking forward to it. She is loving school and doing great.
Caroline had a gymnastics meet today and got a medal, three first place ribbons and a second place ribbon. She is very proud of them and very willing to show them off. Starting in the summer she is going to be on a pre-competative team. We are going to trial it for the summer and see how she likes it. She loves school as well and loves that she is learning to read. She is doing great.
Jameson is in temporairly in Hawaii working for the same company as he was in San Diego. He was doing so well in sales that they sent him there to try to boost their sales. The mall he is working in is on the beach and so he will call the girls and tell them that he sees a dolphin or whale jumping out of the water. We are all jealous of him and his really rough job (or at least the scenery part of it). He is doing well and we are really proud of him.
That is all of the updates as far as the kids. As for Jim and I the rest is status quo. Working and trying to keep up with the kids.
Hopefully the next post won't be 2 months from now. :)