Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Robin in NY. Hope you have a great day.
Love you.

School's Out...The fun has begun.

Well we had field day, end of the school year parties and yearbook signing. We now have a FOURTH GRADER AND A FIRST GRADER. It said so on the report cards. Which were awsome by the way. I am so blessed to have not only smart but nice kids. I know I am biased but it's my blog...I can be.
So we are gearing up for summer...NYC, school of religion, softball, gymnastics, St. Louis, Lake of the Ozarks and for, work, work. I am trying to pick up extra shifts when I can. The three boys down the street will be sitting for us while we perform our adult responsibilities. Evan mostly and the girls are thrilled. I am sure Garrett and Austin will get in some hours too. They are great kids and we are blessed to have them. The girls love them.
That's it for now...